Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Ending, beginning, all of it

Ending, beginning, all of it
First of all, I'm so thankful. I have a safe home, I have family, I have a job. I have health insurance and supportive people around me.

I also have eyes. And I see that people around me are struggling so hard with all of this. And a heart. I see that people around me are hurting, and scared, and lonely. And that people are dying and sometimes the only reason they are dying is because someone else was selfish. And I have a brain, that knows we are in a trying time with a terribly trying government.

And then I found out that someone who was a great friend in high school and even in college has maybe had a stroke. And I had lost touch with him and didn't even know. That makes me sad.

On a home note, we made it through finals, and house prep and the house goes on the market on Friday. We are moving to a smaller town in another state. I'll miss South Carolina. But I think this is a good move for both of us.

I also am reminded that I HATE putting a house on the market. I think we need a new real estate trend - not "dorm room" but less than "showroom". Something along the lines of clean but normal.  I mean, does anyone keep their counters TOTALLY empty all the time? How the hell do you get anything DONE?
The dogs are already so over this whole process, it's pretty funny.

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