Friday, August 12, 2011

One of my favorite blogs that I read,  talks often about living purposefully and thoughtfully. She often sets goals for herself, but doesn't seem to beat herself up if she doesn't reach them. 
Purposeful living is something that I am occasionally good at, but mostly I feel like I am running a day late and a dollar short. Especially lately. 
I think I want to try to set some goals, nothing huge but still some things to keep my mind and soul focused on life, not just day to day tasks. 

I am still mulling over this, but I do know I want to:
1. Be more consistent about devotional and prayer time. Pray a lot, but I am wondering if my ADD prayers might not be the most effective way for ME to pray. Maybe they are. 
2. Devote some time every day to Bible Study- Reading- learning about things that aren't usually in my line of sight. Also this ties into work learning - I have a need to learn some specific things, and I need to set time to do that.

3. Learn how to knit socks. I have wanted to do this for over a year. My goal might be to knit a pair of socks before New Years. Or at least start a pair. That's probably more realistic.

4. Plan out menus and shopping so that my time is not wasted frantically thinking of what has to be done

5. Restart Flylady - not full blown, just her basic principals. Really helped me years ago, and I think I need to just jump in and do it again.

6. Plan things with the kids, and DH to make some structured family time or at least some more memories to add to the mix! 

I have so much wasted space in my day. Not down time, not quiet time, just wasted space. I want to take that down time and make it into something that is enriching, not just time wasting! 

What are your goals? What do you want to do?

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


One thing that we really work on with my middle kid is acknowledgement that someone has spoken to you. Oh, heck, we work on that with all 3 of them. And occasionally DH. But telling someone that they have been heard is a powerful thing, regardless of the subject. A household chore, a life crisis, a sad event, a happy event, we all want to hear that we have something to say and that it *has been heard*.
On a less grand level, it drives me crazy to say something to the above mentioned child and get no response. We're starting to institute the 15 pushups rule. Don't acknowledge me? 15 pushups.
Worked for them remembering to turn off lights!!! And for occasional lapses in manners.
If I could do it with the dogs, I surely would. They ran off yesterday (tripped, dropped leashes, dogs went AWOL) and 15 minutes later I finally caught up with them again. Ok, so it wasn't 15, but it was a good 10 and many trips into the creek later. I sometimes wish we had bought land like we originally intended to, so they could just run to their heart's content. Oh well.
On a totally unrelated note, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the wedding present I bought. I am SO excited about it - handmade pottery that is dishwasher safe. Plus I'll get them something else, like a gift card. And I'm sticking in some homemade knitted dishcloths. It's the first kid of my friends to get married. I remember when he was born. Shoot, I remember when his older brother was born!!!!