Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Okay, so how hard is it to knit socks? I mean in the grand scheme of knitting. REALLY hard, or just Kinda hard, or no, it's not too hard, so just jump in and try it?
I can knit, purl, increase, decrease, all that fun stuff. I'm just looking for something knew and not too complicated to try.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What do you call it?

What do you call it when you are "homesick" for  a place that isn't your home? I was unpacking MORE stuff from Sicily today - wishing I'd bought more of those little Venetian glass animals from that one store in Taromina, remembering different things as I unpacked items to put in the china cabinet - and wishing I was back there. Life was confined in a way back there, but it was also a bit easier in some ways.
I'm glad to be here. I"m happy where we have chosen to live. And when I long for Sicily, am I longing for Sicily, or the Sicily I knew when my friends were there?
All I know is this house is a disaster and I have until Thursday night to ALL the things.
(warning, there is some language that isn't suitable for all peeps, but I LOVE this post)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Making a big dinner

One problem I have is that when I make a big dinner, then I no longer want to *eat* said dinner.
Tonight I cooked stew and biscuits and pie. Chocolate pudding pie. Haven't made it in so long I had to look up how to make a meringue. It had been THAT long.
Furniture is rearranged and looks good. Oooh, it's thundering again. It's been raining off and on all day, and cooler weather approaches....
I love fall. Wonder if I can go apple picking somewhere....

Book Fairs

I spent this morning working at the middle school's bookfair. It's a small bookfair, really, for such a large school. Scholastic run, of course, and lots of books (could we find a new YA topic? Vampires are starting to get on my nerves). But lots of little junky gegaws - erasers, and pencils, and chocolate bar shaped calculators.  Drives me crazy, because the kids will buy the overpriced JUNK and not look at the books!
And middle school kids. Wow. I forgot how *rude* they can be to their teachers. My kiddo has issues, but rudeness is not one of them. Or wouldn't be for long, that's for sure.
So it's rainy, and chilly, and I'm seriously considering Beef Stew for dinner. Or chili, but then I have to make something else for the kids.
We are down to painting the trim in the living room, then I can set it up. *Big happy dance*
We have cable. Only took them four hours. Of course, part of the issue was how the people before us had set things up.
DH's parents come this weekend, so i want the house to look good, so I'm going to bust my little butt all week to get it that way. Hopefully I'll make it!
Plus I have to find out if we have a den meeting tonight. And i need to order our popcorn. He's kind of given up on the door to door thing. It's not his thing, and he wasn't having a lot of success anyway!
Band Competition this weekend. Close by, so we are only going for a bit. Oldest did well at the last one, so maybe he won't be so nervous this time.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ok, I'm here,now what??

So, I haven't updated here in almost four years. Wowza.
I knew I had this one, but forgot the name!
So today's excitement is cable installation. It has been three months since we had cable - when we moved from Italy, we didn't renew it, and with the money crunch this just wasn't that important.
But now, it's college football time and certain members of my household are a bit anxious. Chomping at the bit, really.
So I am waiting on a certain cable company. But my neighbors next door (who I just met today and who have the most adorable little girl) use uverse from ATT. Hmm....I looked it up and it looks like a good deal. I'd have canx the cable appt but DH is unavailable (ROTC commitment) to consult.....
Meanwhile Oldest has a band competition, which meant practice today in the morning, fly home for lunch, rush back to the school so he can get on the bus. They'll get home LATE tonight.
The poor kid doesn't have his ipod either, as it got washed earlier this month. Makes Christmas shopping for him a bit easier.
So, I'm working on the house today - inlaws come next weekend, which is *wonderful* but does give us a definite deadline on some painting and putting books away. I don't have to work next week which is a bit easier, but there are, of course, school things (book fairs, picture days) and my usual "intern" days at the church.
Bored yet?