Monday, September 27, 2010

Book Fairs

I spent this morning working at the middle school's bookfair. It's a small bookfair, really, for such a large school. Scholastic run, of course, and lots of books (could we find a new YA topic? Vampires are starting to get on my nerves). But lots of little junky gegaws - erasers, and pencils, and chocolate bar shaped calculators.  Drives me crazy, because the kids will buy the overpriced JUNK and not look at the books!
And middle school kids. Wow. I forgot how *rude* they can be to their teachers. My kiddo has issues, but rudeness is not one of them. Or wouldn't be for long, that's for sure.
So it's rainy, and chilly, and I'm seriously considering Beef Stew for dinner. Or chili, but then I have to make something else for the kids.
We are down to painting the trim in the living room, then I can set it up. *Big happy dance*
We have cable. Only took them four hours. Of course, part of the issue was how the people before us had set things up.
DH's parents come this weekend, so i want the house to look good, so I'm going to bust my little butt all week to get it that way. Hopefully I'll make it!
Plus I have to find out if we have a den meeting tonight. And i need to order our popcorn. He's kind of given up on the door to door thing. It's not his thing, and he wasn't having a lot of success anyway!
Band Competition this weekend. Close by, so we are only going for a bit. Oldest did well at the last one, so maybe he won't be so nervous this time.

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