Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ok, I'm here,now what??

So, I haven't updated here in almost four years. Wowza.
I knew I had this one, but forgot the name!
So today's excitement is cable installation. It has been three months since we had cable - when we moved from Italy, we didn't renew it, and with the money crunch this just wasn't that important.
But now, it's college football time and certain members of my household are a bit anxious. Chomping at the bit, really.
So I am waiting on a certain cable company. But my neighbors next door (who I just met today and who have the most adorable little girl) use uverse from ATT. Hmm....I looked it up and it looks like a good deal. I'd have canx the cable appt but DH is unavailable (ROTC commitment) to consult.....
Meanwhile Oldest has a band competition, which meant practice today in the morning, fly home for lunch, rush back to the school so he can get on the bus. They'll get home LATE tonight.
The poor kid doesn't have his ipod either, as it got washed earlier this month. Makes Christmas shopping for him a bit easier.
So, I'm working on the house today - inlaws come next weekend, which is *wonderful* but does give us a definite deadline on some painting and putting books away. I don't have to work next week which is a bit easier, but there are, of course, school things (book fairs, picture days) and my usual "intern" days at the church.
Bored yet?

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