Friday, October 21, 2011

Work still busy. Update at 11.

That about sums it up. Work is busy, busy, busy.
I'm replanting some flowers the charming goats dogs ate. Who knew dogs liked rosemary. And lavender.
I'm awfully glad it is Friday.
I want a day where I don't have to go anywhere or do anything but focus on the things I need to get done. No outside emergencies, no outside tasks. Just my stuff. Pretty selfish, except that most of my "stuff" involves doing things for other people.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Busy Week

This week the office where I work went over to electronic medical records. Well, we kinda did. It was the week we had the trainers here all week. Long days, lots of brain power required. I was exhausted.

This weekend, two of the three kids are on camping trips/retreats. So we took middle kid last night and went to the local fun park - went goKarting (Not my thing, but I tried it once. I'm sure I provided ample amusement for the workers - white knuckle driving the whole time. Actually, I hated every second of it and it took all my grown-up pride not to stop the cart, get out and say "I"m done!") and played putt putt golf (And I got THREE hole-in-ones) and then the DH and the boy rode the Karts again. Finished off with a trip to Sonic for slushies. Boy said 'That was a great night!" We don't get to hear that too often, so I was over.the.moon. PLUS he agreed to go with me today to a farmers market.

I have heavy things on my heart, but just ask that if you pray, pray for families that need physical healing, for ones that need emotional healing, and for all of us to grow more loving in our responses.