Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Fever

My kids has it.
Oh, to be honest, so do I. I am tired of laundry, of cooking, of meal and life planning. I'm especially tired of the "Oh. We're having (fill in the blank) for dinner? huh. I had that for lunch OR "I don't really like that". And this is from the HUSBAND. Who should know better.
Spring break is next week. Of course, I don't have the whole week off, because psychiatrists can't really just take a week off. But we are taking a few days, each of us in the office.
I'm also, and apologies to anyone out there who feels differently, tired of the pressure that I have to worry about the 6th grader's class schedule in light of COLLEGE. Last I looked, it was a few years till he graduates. And really. I don't care if he's not in the hardest possible classes in middle school. Yes, in high school, we will make sure he is in upper levels, but really. Why, all of the sudden, does EVERYONE have to be in AP EVERYTHING in order to make it in to college? OR perhaps, those around me are more selective in their college choices. Or you could substitute snobby for selective but that wouldn't be kind. I just want my kids to go to college where they will learn, grow, and find their passion. Oh, and not rack up a gazillion dollars in debt. Now, the 8th grader? We are making sure he is in the college prep courses he needs for 9th grade, but I'm not worrying about the 6th grader yet. I refuse.
And the rising senior? Not taking AP. Not ready for it. Hopefully we haven't screwed it up, but from what the colleges say, not the people in my local area, that's okay. It's the overall picture they want. Now, one of them may not be real, but if he's not ready for AP, why in the world would I force him into it? It's not my life, it is HIS. and if that means a year or two at a local college with small classes, I'm good with that.
Personally, I have three more classes to take with eChristian ed to finish paraprofessional certification. What I'm supposed to do with that, I have no idea. I figure God lead me to it, God will show me what I'm supposed to do next. Even if that is to just tuck it away for a year or two. I'm not called to seminary. I'm not called to ordination. Got that message loud and clear. But the rest of it is a bit fuzzy....
The trees and flowers are blooming their little heads off. So beautiful, so cheerful, so full of POLLEN. Trying to appreciate it and breathe at the same time. This fall? I am so planting daffodills and tulips.
I feel the need to do something creative again, but finding the time is a little tricky.
Had middle kid's 504 meeting yesterday - went really well. The guidance counselor said something along the lines of "How are you doing all this (homework support, appointments, etc) and working too?" I replied that I had no idea. But I do. I don't sleep a lot, I don't usually waste a lot of time (ignore this week please) and I dont' take a lot of time for creative expression. And I am feeeling the effects now.
My mother's birthday is coming up. I so miss her. We will get a double whammy too. Well, maybe even a triple some years. She died on Good Friday, so there's that reminder. Then the actual date of her death. And then her birthday which this year, falls right before the start of Holy Week. I guess it is no wonder that tears lurk just beneath.
Okay, can't end on that note. Report cards came out this week. Oldest child managed NOT to fail anything, to our pleasant suprise. Middle child was all B's and C's - YEAH!!!!! and Youngest child was all A's and B's!!!!!
And I spent a few minutes last night reading our dictionary. Okay, it is one of those wonking HUGE ones that has to be 8 inches thick. It has maps, and foreign language dictionaries, and list of world events, and every word around in 1967. And great little line drawing illustrations...I'm such a geek :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012