Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In which I ramble theologically

So, one of the lectionary verses this week is Mark 10 46-52. The last line says "Jesus said to him, "Go; your faith has made you well." Immediately he regained his sight and followed him on the way." (from Vanderbilt http://lectionary.library.vanderbilt.edu/texts.php?id=225#hebrew_reading) 

What struck me was the "followed him on the way". He took the healing and he followed the one who healed. I've been healed so  many times, of so many things, but often I trail off on my own little way, not simply following. Not trusting. 

I'm having a rough time of it lately. I am floundering and flaling and walking through a grief road I thought I had already traveled. Psalm 34 is another part of the readings this week, and verse 6 was so appropriate this morning I laughed out loud. "This poor soul cried, and was heard by the LORD, and was saved from every trouble."  I don't think this is saying I won't have any trouble in life, or that if I believe in God that all manner of good fortune will descend upon me. I think it means that when a soul cries out in anguish, often of our own making or imagination, that even then God will not desert that soul - that soul will be saved. Not always in the way we think ought to happen, but always in the way God sees as best. That peace, and soemtimes joy, can creep in when we think we have just cried out our last tear. 

Enough theological rambling for one morning. Of course, your interpretations may vary. And mine proabably will in another day or two when I'm a bit out of this valley. Because of course, valleys look different looking down into them then looking out from the bottom. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Socks, staying up till midnight, sunshine

Wow. Alliteration. I must be tired.
Socks - got aggravated and started over. It's not bad, because I need the practice in all the pattern stitches. The second try looked much better than the first, so the third? Will be awesomesauce as my kids say. And they are just sample ones, made on worsted weight yarn, so it isn't like anyone is *waiting* on them!

Staying up till Midnight was NOT the socks. It was the Senior (look! Another S) who was struggling, struggling with a paper. We worked on it for about 5 hours together - I was scribe, editor, and thesaurus all rolled into one.
Midnight - or shortly thereafter - it was done, and then he realized he had not annotated the bibliography. I was getting his brother up early anyway so I just dragged him out of the bed as well. His brother had been struggling with an art project that needed more work. Today he gets to work on projects - 4 of them - that he had neglected to tell us about.

It is sunny today, and lovely fall weather. I had stuff to do in the morning but then came home and took the dogs for a walk. It was so wonderful - the sky is that amazing blue it becomes in the fall.

Now I am watching the clock because I have to take middle kid to therapist today. Mostly I want to go to bed.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Update on the socks. I do fine until I finish the heel flap and get ready to start the legs. I somehow got all turned around and inside out and now my socks are not going as designed.
I just couldn't get the whole pick up a stich and knit them together thing....I somehow didn't do it right. I am dreading it, but I think i have to start over.

Monday, October 08, 2012


Just finished designing presentation for work about HIPAA. That's the privacy act stuff. It's very interesting and kind of terrifying all at the same time.

For doctor offices it is seen as a burden - BUT the presenter I went to made a good point - we may not all be doctors, but we are ALL patients.

A few nuggets - your doctor's office owns your record, but you have a right to that record. They cannot prevent your obtaining a copy even if you owe them money, but they can charge you a reasonable fee for copying. Oh, and you can amend your record - they don't have to agree with you, but you can insert a document saying you disagree with doctor if you want to.

Both parents, unless court ordered, have a right to medical records of minor children no matter who has primary custody.

Thus endeth the lesson.

It's cloudy, cool and drizzly today. A perfect day to sit home and knit. I actually am starting on socks. Toe up ( thank you SC), two at a time. Doing the sample socks at the moment (for the second time - had to totally rip out first try) and finished the heel of one of them last night. AND IT LOOKS LIKE A REAL SOCK. I am so pleased.

I also have a scarf to finish, two small backpacks to make, and dishcloths to do.

But no, now I have to go to work. Ugh. And the college fair is tonight. But oldest has big paper to do - don't know if we will go or not.

Monday, October 01, 2012


So, knock wood, I think I am over the trifecta of bronchitis, sinus ick and ear infection.
Although I still would like to crawl in the bed for about a week.

Have actually finished two, count em' TWO, knitting projects in less than a month. Am now working on my third. Actually the fourth one I started, only the dogs got ahold of one (not the first time) and while they didn't ruin it directly, they did break the knitting needles (acrylic - cute as all get out but a pain in the nevermind to knit with) into more than two pieces. So that one is demanding a restart. I actually logged into my ravelry account, and even posted pictures. The world, it may end soon.

Work is busy. and boring. and busy.

Oldest is in the throes of college applying and all that. Took the ACT again but only went up one point. He was so upset.

It's fall, I want to go apple picking but have no idea when I could actually find the TIME. Sigh. I also am in the mood to bake, to knit, to do anything but go to work. Gotta fix that somehow :)