Monday, October 01, 2012


So, knock wood, I think I am over the trifecta of bronchitis, sinus ick and ear infection.
Although I still would like to crawl in the bed for about a week.

Have actually finished two, count em' TWO, knitting projects in less than a month. Am now working on my third. Actually the fourth one I started, only the dogs got ahold of one (not the first time) and while they didn't ruin it directly, they did break the knitting needles (acrylic - cute as all get out but a pain in the nevermind to knit with) into more than two pieces. So that one is demanding a restart. I actually logged into my ravelry account, and even posted pictures. The world, it may end soon.

Work is busy. and boring. and busy.

Oldest is in the throes of college applying and all that. Took the ACT again but only went up one point. He was so upset.

It's fall, I want to go apple picking but have no idea when I could actually find the TIME. Sigh. I also am in the mood to bake, to knit, to do anything but go to work. Gotta fix that somehow :)


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Fall does that to me, too: the desire to immerse myself in projects and simmer soups in the crockpot.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It stinks to be sick. And it never happens when things are convenient, either.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It's hard when you test again and the score doesn't go up--Danger Boy had 3 tries on the SAT and there was only a 20-point range. And he ended up somewhere good and is happy, so I'm sure it will work out for your guy, too.