Thursday, October 09, 2014

Heh. Look. Over a year. I kinda forgot about the whole blog thing because of the whole new job thing. Which is wonderful, and amazing, but keeps me very, very, busy.
It's for a good sized church in a affluent community. Lots of kids (that's my job) to wrangle - Sunday School, choir, Bible studies and so much more. I've been here a year now and I really do love it.
The oldest is in his second year of college. Loves it for the most part. He's an RA. Doesn't love that so much.
Middle is doing well, junior in high school. Still loves art. Thinking of majoring in English.
Youngest is still playing flute. Doing marching band. Which I love that he loves, because it drives me bat crazy. Boy scouts...eagle project time approaches.
Husband still at same job, but not enjoying it as much.
Dogs still dogs.
More later...but not a whole year later, I hope.