Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What do you call it?

What do you call it when you are "homesick" for  a place that isn't your home? I was unpacking MORE stuff from Sicily today - wishing I'd bought more of those little Venetian glass animals from that one store in Taromina, remembering different things as I unpacked items to put in the china cabinet - and wishing I was back there. Life was confined in a way back there, but it was also a bit easier in some ways.
I'm glad to be here. I"m happy where we have chosen to live. And when I long for Sicily, am I longing for Sicily, or the Sicily I knew when my friends were there?
All I know is this house is a disaster and I have until Thursday night to get.it.clean. ALL the things.
(warning, there is some language that isn't suitable for all peeps, but I LOVE this post)

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