Friday, September 09, 2011

Still here

Life just got really, really busy.
Let's see, school has started, no major mishaps yet, but of course homework forgotten, quizzes bombed because they didn't study, and so on.
Work is slam busy, but it's good. I'm working three basically full time days a week.
We transition over to electronic medical records in October, which will either be terrific, or hell, or both.
I'm betting on both.
Dogs are HUGE and vary between sweet and a pain in the butt. Currently they are barking at some unknown threat (my vote is on a squirrel) in the yard. I lied. Jack just came in to see what I was doing, and if I had any food I'd care to share. Tough luck pup, not sharing my lunch. Edited to add that I'm tired of people in my neighborhood not keeping their dogs in their yards. Two collies and one Husky ( Maybe a cross but had super icy blue eyes) while i"m trying to walk two boxer/hound mixes who are still really puppies was NOT fun. Grr.
I'm taking another class in the online Christian ed series I've been doing. And as I have turned in the first assignment three days late, I"m wondering if perhaps I'm not supposed to be doing this. But the program is no longer going to be hosted by the peeps hosting it now, and if I don't take it now I don't know WHEN I'll be able to do it online again. But my question is "Am I supposed to be taking it at all?"
I am wondering if a call can be revoked. Or if it is just in hibernation until other stuff (like grief) gets worked out?
The grief, it is still there. It comes in waves and it goes in waves. It is for my mother, but also for my father who has been gone 20 years. Apparently I thought I grieved it all the way through with him. But I didn't - and so now I have a double whammy.
Our church hired a new Director of Christian Ed. He's from a non Methodist background, but willing to learn and to grow. He seems very nice, willing to listen to my crazy ideas, and has taken a large portion of tweens off of my plate. Early days yet.
So, hope all of you are well and happy. I'm still in awe of a little boy I know (OKAY, he's not little any more) growing up and getting married. Sheesh. Wasn't I just giving him fake bugs as a gift???

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