Monday, November 14, 2011

It is helpful to know certain things about yourself. 
I know these things:
Crowded stores and I no longer get along. They make me antsy. and grouchy. and make me want to run home. This should make Christmas shopping interesting this year.
Live music, when containing guitars and drums, and played loudly, gives me a headache and a case of spiritual grumpiness :)
I sincerely and utterly dislike hearing music playing while people are praying. Pick one or the other.
I have to have time alone to regenerate.
I have an addiction to books. I'd have an addiction to shoes, but I have such trouble finding ones I *like* (and that aren't 995 bucks. Who pays that for a pair of shoes???) (and why do I have to have such big calves???)
I have never been a good housekeeper. Ever. Don't really like it, although I like the results. Flylady works for me, but only when I am faithful to it :)
I am, however, pretty good at being a mom, a helpmate to the DH, a friend, and I can write a paper on just about anything. Oh, I also make some really yummy chocolate chip cookies. And brownies. And I made a potroast in the crock pot last week that was YUMMY.
I love learning - I love thinking about things - But I'm not a really deep, deep thinker on many things. I'm more of a practical thinker I guess, with a little whimsy thrown in. And my thoughts? Run the line from one end to the other.
I can knit some killer rectangles :)
I have two dogs who think every squirrel I think the two dogs are missing a few nuts and bolts.

And the last one for today? I am going to be late to work :) 


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

We are so much alike--from the big calves to the hating shopping in crowded stores.

Navhelowife said...

Green Girl, I don't really mind the big calves until I have to buy boots!!!!! Then, I get really frustrated :)

Anonymous said...

You and I have a lot in common. I've grown to love shopping on the internet. Which reminds me... got to use up my coupon today!

I'm so glad that my mom's expensive taste in shoes (hello, $200/pair?!?) was in my same size. That she also had foot problems similar to me is a bonus: no spiky heels.

Patience_Crabstick said...

I can not deal with crowded stores. You'll never catch me shopping on Black Friday. I have big calves too. I've noticed more boots with a stretchy panel so there must be some demand to accommodate wide calves.

Anonymous said...

(found you on DM-sorry about your news.)

I, too, have wide calves, hate shopping, and am not so talented at keeping a clean house.

avenue has a whole section for wide calf boots, plus free shipping.