Monday, August 12, 2013

Pops head up, says hello!

Life has been hectic this summer. Oldest graduated (goes to college on Friday) and wrecked my car a few days post graduation. He was fine, car was totalled. So new car - actually truck- for husband and I took the smaller car. It makes sense because I drive the furthest to work, and it gets WAY better gas mileage, but we needed something to pull the boat!

Youngest did Boy Scout Camp, middle did drama camps, I worked. DH worked in June. No idea where in the world July went.

Now, it's back to school for everyone. Well, not me, but everyone else. I never stopped working so there's no re-starting. In fact I worked more this summer than I had planned on. Ugh.

I did get to go to a wonderful children's ministry conference - it was held here, which was awesome, and I learned so much.

We just got back from a quick trip to see the inlaws, it was fun, but I'm worn out.

I promise to be better about posting, if anyone still cares :)


smalltownme said...

Hello and welcome back!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I understand busy! My 20yo came home from his summer job tonight (he's been working at the BSA camp, putting in 16 hour days on his feet in a hot kitchen) but heads back to college on Friday.
Best wishes to you as you send your firstborn out into the world!

Navhelowife said...

Karen, working at the BSA camp is what my youngest wants to do when he is old enough. I'm really not sure how a kid with half my genes could ever consider that a *fun* job, but....

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Congrats on surviving all that summer stuff! Glad the car wreck didn't leave human wreckage.