Friday, April 21, 2017

Well good gravy

I am the worlds worst blogger.
Still working. Still enjoy my job, although there are stressors at play right now that make it more stressful than before. Trying to keep your eyes on a future goal to make present hassles worth it is a lot easier to do for 8 months than it is for 2 years or more.
Oldest is now graduating from college. That's fun, and he's off to seminary in the fall, which is awesome.
Middle has had a rough college year. We pulled him from his residential college after the 1st semester and he is attending community college. I still agonize over if that was the right decision. But while academically he was fine, emotionally he was a wreck in seriously unhealthy ways.
Youngest still needs to finish Eagle project. Plus get some get up and go.
I've started knitting again, which is good.
I also managed to lower my Cholesterol by 30 points in 6 months and raise my good Cholesterol numbers. Yea me!
I'm also starting that phase of life where grouchiness is a mainstay. I've never suffered fools well, and I do so even less well now.
Maybe i'll get back into this whole posting thing....

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