Wednesday, December 08, 2010


So, somewhere else, there is a meme that involves questions. I will post the question asked of me, and then you answer it for yourself as well.
Then, I will ask YOU a question in reply, and you answer it on your space - your blog, your journal, or right here if you don't have a "space".
And as people answer YOUR question, you think of something you would like to ask them, and so it continues.

The question asked of me was...
What is your dream occupation once your sons are out of the house? A well-founded dream and a completely fantastic dream, if you like. :)

My dream job? Being in charge of Children's Ministry at a mid size church, with unlimited and committed volunteer base, a reasonable budget, totally supportive congregation and lots of freedom program wise. Okay, you peeps with church backgrounds can stop laughing now. 
Realistically, I would love to go into Children's Ministry. I enjoy that field immensely and am reasonably good at   it :) I also think it would be easier to do with no children at home of my own! 
However, I am also finding my office work very enjoyable. It's low stress although busy, and I get to do a variety of things for a good wage. I can see me doing this job for many years. 
So if I could do both, that would be ideal! 

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