Monday, June 27, 2011


It doesn't really feel like summer. Except of course for the heat and always present humidity.
Work is busy, but fine.
Family is here, there and everywhere. Youngest is attempting boy scout camp, oldest is going to California, and middle one was supposed to be doing a week with dad at "boot camp" (not really doing the boot camp part, just the enjoying the outdoors part) but isn't feeling well. Nerves, I think.
I've been playing around with the family tree info on ancestry. Fun, and a big time sucking hole.
This was going to be a witty post, full of good stuff, but i'm too tired. Early bedtime for me tonight, that is for sure!

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hornblower said...

someone else did an ancestry thingie for my dh's side of the family. Was funny to suddenly find myself on it on the web! It does seem like it would be very time intensive.