Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Even the dogs are being lazy

Okay, so I'm not really being lazy. I'm just not getting things done. VBS is almost here. That means it is almost over, which is even better.
Work is hopping busy, although this week is the week the doc is out of town so not much going on. Although I have to go in tomorrow for a bit and I went in on Tuesday.
Oldest kiddo gets to have dental surgery in mid july. The ortho consult is in a week, so we'll probably have a consult with the oral surgeon in there somewhere too.
Baseball is almost over, I think middle kid has done okay with it.
Swim team is quickly losing its appeal for little guy - the 2 times a day practice is NOT his favorite thing.
Although he liked his first meet.
Me, I'm trying to keep busy. Not trying to deny the grief, or the loss, or the emptiness, but realizing that life continues despite how I feel. I am not nearly as efficient as I once was. That's okay though.
I did just spend some money on I tunes. Bought some good summer music - Beach Boys, B 52's, Brown Eyed Girl, and so on...
About to read two books that came today from Amazon. Trying not to melt in the heat. Trying to find time to go to the pool!!!! Maybe I'll do that tomorrow!


Suburban Correspondent said...

Life goes on, but what do I do with the pile of New Yorker magazines in my bedroom that I am used to giving to your mother? I can't bear to throw them away. It's the little things like that (a zillion of them) that get to me.

hornblower said...

swim practice twice a day????
I can't even imagine.

& with all that practice YOU still can't find time to get in the pool ? LOL I'd only take kid to practice if there was time for me in the pool..... :-)

relax & enjoy the summer!

Navhelowife said...

Hornblower, I don't have to take him - he and a friend ride their bikes. It's in our neighborhood.

SC, I know, I know.

Eunice Burns said...

I really thought that this summer would be one where there would be no outside bills for college tuition and that MAYBE there would be extra for other stuff. But then the youngest boy is going to need to have his wisdom teeth out and both the other two are attending summer school classes for college. Also, oldest needs a new car. I'm running away. Who's with me?

Apathy Lounge

Eunice Burns said...

I'm going to try hard to be lazier this summer. I mean....REALLY try.

Eunice Burns said...

Lazy? Love it! For a change.

kcinnova said...

I'm glad someone gets a lazy summer!