Friday, January 20, 2012

This and that

Not much blogging lately as not much to blog ABOUT. Not that ever stopped me before. Oldest got his DL over Christmas break, but hasn't been doing much driving - just not a lot of opportunity for him TO drive before 6pm. When he turns 17, he'll be unrestricted, which will be nice.
Father in Law starts chemo next week, so prayers are always welcomed.
I have to give a two hour seminar on children's ministries for our district lay leadership training on Sunday. Guess what I'm planning today???
I know the bare bones but have to get it all organized.
Oldest is not doing as well as he should in English. Going to try Sylvan or something.
Went and visited a college last Friday with him, he had a good time and liked the one we went to see.

I'm a little off kilter these days, trying to figure out why.


kcinnova said...

It's January. I think we're all off-kilter! ~Karen

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You've been through a lot with your mom and now your FIL is sick--you're due for some off-kilter.

Looking at colleges is exciting, isn't it?