Friday, February 10, 2012

Not the world's most exciting post

I figure I may as well be honest about it :)
Middle kid is finishing up a project on Rene Magritte. The guy who painted the people with apples in their faces, but also the businessmen falling from the sky like rain...that I SWEAR some band used on some album...but maybe I'm imagining things.
Oldest kid is finishing up a project on Shelley, the poet. He did really badly on the paper, so he's hoping to do better on the presentation. I'm going to Sylvan today to look into their writing programs. He really needs some help there.
Youngest Kid? Just made 2nd class scout, elected patrol leader, and is developing the teen reluctance to do homework. I keep having to remind him that attitude is not an option when you ASK your mother for help.
I actually left work early yesterday - I swear I felt like I was coming down with the flu. But i'm better today.
I think the dogs are trying to tell me something. One is laying on the apple power cord thingy - it's a box that you attach the extension cord onto- and it always is very warm. Maybe they are  a bit cold. I've decided the boys can walk them's cold, gray, and I'm still a bit eh.
OH! Forgot to say that I actually won a contest from a blog.  I'm amazed. And one of my favorite (and one I've read the longest) blogs too - You should go and read here there, and over at AlphaMom. Oh, but don't read her if all you want is sunshine and perfect children. She is delightfully real.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Maybe it's the geek in me, but your kids' projects sound pretty fascinating to me. I loved teaching Shelley--he was such a head case! And Mary--keeping his HEART in a box like that after he died so tragically.
Congrats to your Scout!

Navhelowife said...

Oh, I liked reading about Shelley - head case is a great way to describe him. Egomaniac comes to mind as well. It's just the getting the boys to do the work. i don't have the most ambitious children in the world.

hornblower said...

congrats on the contest & hope you're feeling 110% now :)

Navhelowife said...

Sigh. Not going to get the prize after all, because their release form is just a bit too much.
Oh well!