Thursday, November 04, 2010


I'm actually enjoying the Fall weather - I love cool days and cold nights, but I could do without the rain. But we need it, so I should just hush up.
One of the funniest things lately is to watch the puppies play in the leaf piles. Endless entertainment.
They are looking more and more 'boxer' ish...
I think I'm ready to write the official letter to my grad school telling them that I will not be continuing the masters program. I hate not finishing things, but it just isn't where I need to be any longer. I think. Arrggh.
No, really. I don't think I want to teach in the public school system again - I like my part time job, and it allows me time to take the kids to appointments, wrangle puppies, and also take time off when needed, to go see my mom, etc.
And if we both worked full time? We would so have a house cleaner.
Now, if my sinuses would please loosen up so I could move without feeling dizzy!


Cristy said...

I love you dear friend! Can't wait to see you and those boys, and those boxer puppies! After the holidays we need to MAKE it happen!!

Navhelowife said...

Yes, Yes, YES!!!
Have a safe trip my friend. Scarf number one is started :)