Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gearing up

It's going to be one of those busy weeks, and I hope that things go fairly smoothly.
I do have a source of wonderment though. When did it become standard practice to have kids wear their PJ's to school???? I really hate PJ day. Think it is stupid.
I have a meeting here tomorrow night, and then I have a district meeting Thursday, both for church. I'm happy about both meetings, but it does make for a busy week.
And cub scouts? Haivng a pack meeting, Thursday night. But having a Thanksgiving type pot luck. Why??? Why go through all that trouble one week before? Feeling very scrooge like about the whole thing.
Time just seems to be flying.
And I wish I was going to VA for Thanksgiving. My Aunt and Uncle are coming, but we decided a long time ago, on the advice of my sisters, that it wasn't going to work to come on Thanksgiving . Now I'm regretting that but can't rearrange things now. We'll have to go after Christmas, and before Sugar Bowl. Or something.
Have a great week!

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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I hate Thanksgiving potlucks for that type of thing too. You're not the only curmudgeon in town!