Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do your children have friends who just make your head *hurt*?  One of mine has one who is really, a nice kid, fine parents, never *bad*...just sometimes makes my head hurt with the constant running commentary on how he has read that book, been to that place, and so on.

I am having a serious lack of motivation this afternoon. Had a busy morning, but seem to have lost the momentum. All I'd really like to do is curl up with a good book.
Instead, there is a heck of a messy house to clean up, tween ministry to run, week to plan, and class to study/write paper on.

However, I did make some rockin' roasted sweet potatoes and apples last night. And since they weren't coated in marshmellows, I didn't have to share them at all!!!

For a mission trip, my church is doing a month long marathon. All you have to do is walk a mile a day! How fun is that! I signed up, hoping it will kick my lazy tuckus off the couch. AND I remembered to drive the route I walk to make sure it was a mile. And it is a mile and a half, which makes me very happy.

And I'd better include a puppy picture. For the 2.5 hours they were clean. Now they are filthy. Again.

Oh wait, they are filthy in these pictures too. Oh I give up. White dogs + outside = dirty dogs


Anonymous said...

Hi! Visiting from Derfwad Manor! What kind of dogs are those? I have a basset mix and a floofy border collie type dog.
And a husband and 2 kids. :-)

Come visit me!

I like your blog -- good writing. Oh, and I'm curious what drives you crazy7 about scouts. (from the FAD Friday). we don't do it because of the religious component and the anti-gay thing, but ... curious to know your input

Navhelowife said...

Thanks for stopping by :)
The dogs are a boxer/hound mix. We got them from the local humane society, so that's all we really know.

Scouts drive me crazy because of all the goofy requirements - the fact that you can't really be flexible in how you accomplish some things. And the fact that I just don't care about the whole uniform thing. And the time commitment. Bleh.

I have visited your blog before, I think and enjoyed it!

hornblower said...

Coats really vary. Darwin manages to get dirt off him quite well, (& nothing sticks to Daisy, not that you can see dirt on her anyway since she's camo dog) but the ultimate self cleaning dog was the all white maremma I fostered for a year. He can walk through mud & grass, and in a short bit, all the dirt just slides off him & he's all white & handsome again. It's like his fur is a teflon prototype.

Their little wrinkled brows are too cute.

& I shouldn't say little. Gad, they're big now!

Lisa Paul said...

Now that Derfwad Manor has closed (again) I guess we Derfs will have to stick together.

Do your dogs really get dirty? Because they look to be like Smooth Fox Terriers, in that they have Teflon fur. They can be covered with mud, shake and be back to show ring white in seconds.

Navhelowife said...

Nope. Not Smooth Fox Terriers. They are a boxer/hound mix, and their fur? It's like anti teflon. It attracts any and all dirt. Brushing helps a bit, but still!

Anonymous said...

Puppy pictures! That does make a day happier. :)

My youngest son had a friend like that (before we moved here). The boy was very nice, but he was an only child who *had* to talk to adults. He'd come to play, but every so often run in to talk to me. A lot. Nice kid, but... Grrrrr...

All I've wanted to do lately is curl up and do nothing. I'm not sure how much of that is dealing with winter and how much is denial of our upcoming move (there's a LOT of de-cluttering needed).

Navhelowife said...

Oh, I understand the decluttering. I'm still doing it, even after our last *Navy* move. I'm amazed at all the *stuff* we have, although I am rather proud that you could put two cars in our garage still. We kinda vowed to ourselves that the garage would not become a *pit* this time!

Rena said...

I never listen to my kids' friends. I let them have friends over so they'll talk to each other and not to me.

And, ooh, you have a visitor from Derfwad Manor! Now I have to go see what you said. Don't you know that your husband should be in charge of the Scouts thing?

Rena said...

Oh, and you should meet kcinnova next time you're up here! Maybe I'll schedule a get-together.

Navhelowife said...

DH hates scouts as much as I do. It's almost to the point of "who can schedule a conflict the fastest???" No, hate is too strong a word. I just dread it. And I feel bad that I don't enjoy it. ALthough I'm not sure how much son #3 likes it either.
And a get together sounds fun.

trash said...

Maybe they do Scouts differently over here but my daughter loves it. Yes there is the whole 'god' aspect but she survived 7 years of 'god' primary school so I figure I can offset 1 hr a week at Scouts.

What is the time element? What do they have the children/you do? I drop my girl off and pick her up 1.5/2 hrs later (depending on season). Apart from wanting subs three times a year and the occasional contribution via a raffle I don't have any input.

I always think the Old Man Dog's white bits are really white until it snows and then I can see he is actually yellow! The big black dog is the teflon one in our house. Sticks, water, mud, whatever just disappear from his white bits as he walks.

Plus other people's kids? Aaaargh!

Navhelowife said...

Cub Scouts require a bit of parent participation, either at the meetings or helping the scout do certain requirements. Really, it isn't that big of a deal, and I'm sorry I made such a fuss! It's just one more thing on a to do list that is a mile long.
But it's almost done, and he doesn't know if he'll bridge over to Boy Scouts, so there ya go.