Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How do you?

How do you .....
Find a good place for two rather large dog crates?
Help a 15 yo realize he needs more than just school to get into college?
Help him understand that even though he doesn't want to do an activity, it's worth it?
Balance a need for what you want to do with what you HAVE to do?
Contact the laundry fairy? Because that little wench has been AWOL for FAR too long.


hornblower said...

1) they make good end/coffee tables. Well, the plastic ones do. Wire ones, you need to cut a sheet of wood for the top.
2) US college admissions are a mystery to me. Extra curric is an issue for scholarships here but not so much for admissions.
3) Time & maturity are things that can't be controlled by us.
4) Don't take advice from me. My To Do list is long & I'm surfing instead.
5) Oddly, I have a grip on that one. Dd does hers on Wed. Ds does his on Thur. We do ours on Sat. I do kitchen & bath & bedding & dog linens constantly. Put in/set timer/move to dryer/set timer/fold & put away. My new thing is to not start a load if I'm not going to be here to finish it - ie. put it away.

Hope you find some answers that work for you wrt these great big mysteries :-)

Anonymous said...

1) The basement? (That's where my neighbor moved hers after giving up the huge one in the corner of the kitchen)
2) Show him an online college application form
3) It's tough to move to a new place and break into set groups. What is he interested in? Our school has clubs that meet during an activity period every 2 weeks. For 2 of my 3 teenagers, marching band has been a saving grace.
4) I'm terrible about balance: the house is a mess and I'm here online!
5) The laundry fairy and kitchen fairy must hang out together. I haven't seen either one in a very long time. Luckily, I hate shopping so I will clean before purchasing new socks or dishes.

Navhelowife said...

I love the end table and basement idea. However, we don't have a basement (arrgh) and the living room might not be big enough. I'm thinking our dining room. I mean, honestly, we really don't use it very often.

Working has really screwed up my whole laundry deal. I used to be much more 'on top of it'. Now, like many things, I feel like it is more running on the ragged edge of disaster.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I've done the crates in the dining area with really pretty afghans over the top, so it doesn't look quite so industrial.

15-year old boys are tough--he's going to need to find something he likes--maybe if he realizes he picks it or you do?

I was always a load a day laundry person, but with my bigger machines now I don't mind doing it all in one day, because I can do it in 4 very large loads.