Wednesday, February 02, 2011

For your reading pleasure....

A really interesting article on lotteries. I happen to be against lotteries, and try really hard not to participate in gambling myself. For a variety of reasons...some theological, some sociological, and lots of practical ones.

My mother is not doing particularly well, the ALS is progressing. As we knew it would. Still sucks though.
I am planning on going up soon, solo, and then all of us will go up sometime soon. In March SW airlines starts service from where I live to where I want to go. YES!!!!

The dogs are growing, growing and growing. No pencil is safe from them. I swear, they are Goats!

Report cards came out. All of them did fine. Not stellar, but fine.

I'm reading, for the class I'm taking, one of those personality test books. I'd give you the name but it is in the kitchen, and I'm in the office, and I am lazy! Anyway, I took it and was baffled on several of the questions. The choices didn't seem to relate to each other. So the first time I took it I was an ISFJ. Did you know that ISFJ's tend to have well kept, orderly homes? Hm. Maybe I need to revisit those questions! Next time I was an ISFP, but right on the border. I know I'm an "I". That's easy. I'm only an E if I have to be. I'm far more S than N, which surprised me. But I think that has come about out of necessity somewhat. I'm definitely an "F". and then we come back to Judging vs perceiving. Interesting to me that I'm both. Or maybe I'm just silly :)
Oh, I went and got the book. _Please Understand Me_ by Keirsey and Bates.

I'm enjoying our nice day to day - sunny and warmish. Tomorrow we are back to cold, I guess, but nothing like the midwest and northeast have seen.

Last thought - DH bought a Tempurpedic bed. We can't decide if we like it or not. Anyone have one and have any thoughts on it?


Cristy said...

Let me know what you finally think of the Temperpedic. Gianna has one, and I really want one, but I heard it takes some time to get used to. Also- is it HOT??? I had read they fixed that problem, but Greg is a furnace so we don't need other help. LOL


Navhelowife said...

Den is a furnace too. I haven't found it hot, but it's cold in our house so.....
It does take time. I think I like it, but Den isn't sure. My lower back doesn't hurt in the morning, I'll tell you that much.
thanks sweetie :)