Sunday, March 06, 2011

It's raining, it's pouring

It's rained all weekend. Not all the time, and not heavy, although it rained hard enough last night to wake me up. It is raining again this morning. Those grey rainy days make it hard to stay motivated.
Friday, oldest kid took new gf to dinner (Ihop) and the movies. I had gotten a Living S. deal on two tickets for 9 bucks, so!!! I drove to dinner (dropped off, then went shopping) and then picked them up and took them to the movie theater. Den picked them up, because I really hate driving at night.
Last night he (oldest kid) had people over for movies, video games, etc. Turned out to be all girls, but that was okay, they had a good time. All NJROTC kids. I took the younger two (I used to call them the 'littles' but since one of them is taller than I am..) to Ihop and then we went and saw Gnomeo and Juliet. It was a cute, funny movie. Not an "UP" or Ice Age, but cute, funny, and lots of little Shakespeare "hints' in the movie. All three of us enjoyed it.
The 'party' broke up about midnight. I am TIRED today. But I have to go to Sunday School to fill in.
Today's exciting agenda includes.....
Oldest working on Poe Paper
Middle child cleaning out backpack
Youngest child finishing cleaning his room. His closet is a scawy place.
Grocery shopping
Keeping dogs from going stir crazy
Finding Tax papers

On a happy note? FINALLY found my Christmas Card address book. Seriously considering sending out Easter cards instead!


Suburban Correspondent said...

We've got the makings of a Biblical-scale deluge out there right now. Had fun with your mom and her new "talking" computer this morning!

Anonymous said...

We didn't float away, but I was glad to be indoors during the worst of the downpour!
My youngest son's entire room is a very "scawy place. We cycle through cleaning it up and then letting it fall apart.
Easter cards... why not?!