Monday, October 11, 2010

Cleaning House

I took today while everyone was at school/work and cleaned the house. I changed bed linens, scrubbed bathrooms, mopped floors, vacuumed, the whole nine yards. Did the Italian thing and opened all the windows. Didn't think my neighbors would like me to hang the comforters out of the window, so I kind of just spread them inside. In Sicily all the cleaning women would hang the comforters out of the windows to air them out.
Besides, I was also afraid a bird would poop on them.
I even swept my front porch. And then looked at the posts and around the light and said "Huh. Guess I don't need to BUY any spiderwebs, because every spider in this state is living ON MY PORCH!"
Blech. I don't mind spiders, really. But honestly, these are the messiest, thickest webs I've ever seen.

The problem with cleaning is that it requires sustained motivation. And I'm good for about three hours. Then I'm done. But I took a break and then finished up, so I feel entitled to make breakfast for dinner. Mostly because I have no clue what to make. I'm a wee bit tired of trying to think of dinner ideas. Mostly all I want is...chips and salsa.

Soon, I will have three kids in a car and be driving up to Virginia. While I am glad to be going, I am NOT looking forward to the drive. I am going to avoid 81, however. Just not in the mood for dodging large trucks and stupid drivers.
81 seems to attract both likes flies to....honey.

Oh, youngest is going to be a dust bunny for Halloween. And middle one is going to be something involving locust skeletons. I'm trying not to ask.
Oldest is too old....I'm hoping someone will have a party.


Cristy said...

Wish we would be there at the same time!!! I can't believe we are going a week a part. My sister should move her wedding to make it work- haha!

Happy Cleaning! I have done all my purging and decided to PAY for cleaning from here on out. Lord knows I won't have time in a few weeks.

Love you muchos!

Navhelowife said...

Which sister???

Suburban Correspondent said...

I don't think anyone is supposed to spend more than 3 hours cleaning. Life's too short for that.