Friday, January 07, 2011

A scattered post

  • I am fighting a sinus/cold kind of thing. Which requires me taking decongestants and such. Which make me stupid. So, to sum up, I am slower than usual, can't hear, and can't breathe. 
  • I am supposed to lead a tween (5th/6th) group on Sunday night. Today is the first day I feel mentally able to actually THINK about it.
  • I went to an informal meeting about VBS this week, and my head was so clogged I could NOT track what they were saying. Hope I didn't miss anything important.
  • Finals started today for the older kids. Now that I think about it, what a stupid day to start. Why not start on Monday? 
  • The puppies continue to grow. They are getting so big. And eating. And chewing. They apparently got ahold of a cough drop the other day, according to son #1. It was a menthol type - I snickered. Served them right. 
  • Trying to get oldest son to start investing in life HERE and not wishing for what isn't going to happen.
  • Christmas WILL get put away THIS weekend. End of story. 
  • I love my part time job, but we are all still adjusting. We now have a chore chart and allowances. And a big sign that says "IF you COOK dinner, you do not have to CLEAN UP after dinner"
  • Hope everyone has a great weekend. I know I had something else to say, but it apparently has flitted out of my brain :) 
  • Heh. Remembered. Attention all famous folks: I don't care if you are attracted to one sex or the other. And all the media outlets? Stop acting like it is news. It's not my business!!!!!


hornblower said...

I keep thinking it's not my business either, & mostly b/e I don't care one way or the other. BUT, I think it does help those who are still hidden, who are being bullied, who can't tell families etc, to know that others are out there & successful & life can be great. Seeing others who are successful & happy is important to these people...

That's why I think the It Gets Better Project is so important.

Hope you get over the cold thing soon! Sounds miserable.

Navhelowife said...

I think that I am tired of it being treated as if it is REAL news. Does it provide some help to others? I dunno. All I know is that I am tired of the whole cheap thrill thingy no matter if it is your sexual orientation, your fourth marriage, or your latest entrance into rehab. Too much of the "poor poor pitiful me " by people who seem to have more money than sense.

Boy! This cold is making me grumpy :)