Saturday, January 01, 2011


Okay, I KNOW I've been away from American movie theaters for 3.5 years.  And I know I was spoiled by Navy base prices. BUT. Today we went to go see Gulliver's Travels (don't bother) and the tickets were 7 bucks each. Okay, not bad. Less than I had heard in other places. However, I went to go get popcorn and drinks (nothing fancy - just a popcorn for us to share and two drinks) and the SMALLEST drink was almost $5!!!!!!!!!! We opted for no treats, and went into the movie theater.
Small theater. Should have sat farther back. Nice seats, though. And clean. VERY clean.
THEN...we sat through about 10 minutes of COMMERCIALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not previews, just normal, everyday COMMERCIALS!!!! When, exactly, did it become standard to charge me money to watch what I can on my TV? Then came the previews. And A funny little scrat short (he of Ice Age fame).
The movie itself? Okay. Not the dumbest I've ever seen (Happy Feet and some Renee Z movie that I've blocked the name of tie for that) but not the greatest. Javk Black is good, but the movie is a bit scattered and they obviously cut a part out.
We watched Despicable Me the other night. Funny, and I love the little minions. But not as good as Up.
However, there are some funny lines in
 DM. I especially like the littlest girl and the unicorn. And the minions reaction when told to go get a toy. Too cute.
Currently, my DH alternates between Saving Private Ryan (the worlds LOUDEST movie) and the Rose bowl game, which apparently takes a lot of yelling. Just wait till Ohio State plays in the sugar bowl.
Oldest went off to Sugar Bowl. And forgot his band shoes. luckily has black dress shoes with him that will fit the bill. I just hope he gets over his nervousness and has a good time.

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hornblower said...

LOL about the movie sticker shock. It's 12.50 for an adult ticket at my local theater. Food sounds about the same - popcorn & a drink are over $10. Ridiculous, isn't it?

DM sounds fun - I've got it on my 'to see' list :-)

I think we'll skip Gulliver ... esp at those prices :-)

(ps - it never seems right to be thinking of football when there's snow on the ground...)