Saturday, January 15, 2011


So, I've planned, led, and am currently recovering from a Tween lock in. We had 31 5th and 6th graders. Did games, ate, did some Bible study (not too deep - need baby steps with these kiddos), watched a  movie, and made them get some sleep.
I didn't bring an air mattress - that floor was kinda hard :)
One of the male chaperones got up early, made coffee and brought it up to the adults. Blessed man!
Besides, he is a super nice guy to boot :)
Everyone seemed to have a good time and were happy with the programming I did. SO I am glad I did it and far more glad it is DONE.

Came home, took a really hot shower (the church was cold) and took a two hour nap. Then I got up and went to the mall. WHAT WAS I THINKING??? The mall was totally packed. Parking lot was a zoo, stores were crowded, etc. We had to return some things to Aeropostale (have no idea how to spell it) as oldest got a sweatshirt that didn't fit for Christmas. So after much looking, he finally chose two t-shirts. The store is just not his style - doesn't like tight fitting clothes and doesn't like the layered fabric on everything. Of course, turns out my MIL must have gotten a great deal on the sweatshirt, so two t shirts actually had a $5 balance for me to pay, but oh well.
Then on to Penney's - easy because I know what jeans will fit them.
DH is after me to get new clothes, for a variety of reasons. He doesn't seem to understand the a) frustration involved or the b) MONEY involved! However, I may brave the mall tomorrow and go to some of the stores that were having great sales.
My problem? I'd rather buy anything else but clothes.

We're supposed to get a "light wintry mix" on Monday. AARRGGGHH.

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