Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow

So I think we have almost 6 inches by now. And it is still falling. Going to make all children go out and play in it, at least long enough to build me a snowman or something! Found the ski pants, so laundry will be somewhat reduced, anyway. 
I'm waiting to hear if I have to go into work. Our little road is snow covered, but I don't know about the main roads. 
No school, of course. If it keeps snowing they may not go tomorrow either!


hornblower said...

Looks pretty!

It's cold here too & snow is threatened for tomorrow.

We're heading up to the mountains tonight to board so we get our snow fix but I hope it snows down here for the dogs. They always get the zoomies in it.

Happy Snow Day!

Anonymous said...

Wish we had your snow! Last year we had an overabundance (which I loved) but this year is proving to be fairly snowless.

Navhelowife said...

I wouldn't mind just snow. But now we have sleet on top of the snow! I'm hoping for calm weather so the trees don't get damaged.
Meanwhile we've had 2 days of no school. We're a little stir crazy here!